Man Driving Through 47 States Visits Hope

By Staff, 08/24/17 9:49 AM


HOPE- Visitors to Tailgaters on Wednesday August 23rds may or may not have noticed a man on a motorcycle who stopped to enjoy one of the best hamburgers in the state.  The gentleman is named Razgahtis and after taking a shorter trip on a motorcyle, he decided he would visit the four corners of the United States.  He started in St. Petersburg, Florida and went from there to Key West and on up the east coast to Maine.  From Maine he went to Chicago and from Chicago to the northern corner of Michigan.  From there Razgahtis went to Montana and Alberta, British Columbia.  The Canadian route was to take him to the Arctic Circle and on to Fairbanks and Homer, Alaska.  After Alaska, Razgahtis traveled to the northwest corner of Washington state on down to the southwest cornoer of California.  He observed the recent solar eclipse in Paducah, Kentucky is on his last leg of the journey to Brownsville, Texas.  Razgahtis was on his 89th continuous day of travel when he visited Hope.  Says Razgahtis, “I’ve done 21,400 miles”.  He expects fhe trip to total 100 days.  Razgahtis says “the most amazing thing to me is meeting the people.  I have met hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life, from the most rural folks imaginable to big city folks”.  Razgahtis has had several careers including rocket scientist and college professor.  He calls himself a traveling preach now and more information on his minstry is available at  Razgahtis says he stopped in Hope to visit the William Jefferson Clinton Presidental Birthplace National Historic Site and he recently visited Harry Truman’s birthplace in Lamar, Missouri.   


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