Tough loss for the Bobcats

By Staff, 09/8/17 10:16 PM


Hope- Lost a heart-breaker against the Ashdown Panthers. Made several mistakes which ended up causing them to lose the game. The game started off with the Panthers kicking off. Hope had received the ball but failed at getting it into the end zone. The errors made early in the game hurt the Bobcats the most and the Panthers took that into their advantage. Ashdown showed how strong their defense was as they intercepted the ball from the Bobcats multiple times.

In the first quarter the Panthers took an early lead of 6-0. In the third drive of the game the Bobcats were pushing hard to get on the board but were not able to. Ashdown scored another touchdown ending the first quarter 13-0.

During the second quarter Ashdown continued to lead with a touchdown, but kick was no good 19-0. Bobcats got a flag for an illegal shift in the line up, which made it harder for them to get to the end zone. Panthers advanced their lead 25-0 after another touchdown. Bobcats still trying to get on the scoreboard, but the Panthers defense was not allowing it. They intercepted the ball from Hope for the second time of the night making a touchdown and a field goal making the score 32-0. Ashdowns defense then intercepted the ball again but the Bobcats stopped them from making it into the end zone. The Panthers then made a touchdown and a field goal advancing their lead 39-0. The second quarter the Panthers stayed in Bobcat territory. Panthers ended the first half 46-0.

The third quarter Bobcats kicked it into high gear holding the Panthers 46-0.

During the fourth quarter the Bobcats had finally got onto the scoreboard. They scored a touchdown and a field goal making the score 46-7. The bobcats were pushing hard to catch up but the clock was running down fast. The Bobcats were not able to score again after that ending the game 46-7.

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