Trio crowned at Saturday’s pageants

By Staff, 09/18/17 10:37 AM


PRESCOTT – Rayleigh Hart, Essence Thomas and Harlie Hurt were crowned queens in the annual Nevada County Fair Queen Pageant Saturday night.

There were three categories to be decided after Thursday’s round of pageants. The three were: Young, Junior and Miss.

Six contestants were in the young miss division, with seven in the junior miss category and two in the queen competition.

The evening began with the young miss contestants coming out in their eveningwear, this was followed by the junior miss sportswear completion and swimwear contest for the queen contestants.

Once these competitions were done, Karleigh Carlton, the 2016 Young Miss, made her farewell walk. She returned to crown Hurt as the 2017 Young Miss. Riley Burke was the first runner up and won the photogenic award, while Riley Pipkin had the best portfolio and was second runner up. Hurt was also named best dressed.

Those in the junior miss category paraded their evening gowns. Each was given a word and was required to say what the word meant to them. The same went for the two queen contestants, during their evening gown competition.

Entertainment for the night was provided by Cassidy Archer and Kendall Laughard. While the judges were contemplating the results, the 2016 pre-teen, Victoria Franklin, made her farewell speech and walk. This division was removed from competition this year. Kendall Sands, last year’s junior miss also made her farewell walk and speech.

Then came the crowning. Heavenly Zachary won the portfolio portion and was named first runner up. She will represent Nevada County at the Southwest Arkansas District Rodeo Pageant on Sept. 26, while Thomas will go to the Arkansas State Fair on Oct. 16. Ashlynn Hart was named second runner up and most photogenic. Taylor Jarvis was named best dressed. Thomas won the sportswear and interview portions and was also named Miss Congeniality.

Kaylee McGill made her farewell walk and speech before the crowing in the queen. Jamiah Smith won the swimsuit competition and was named first runner up. Hart was named most photogenic, had the best portfolio, best dressed and interview. She was also named queen.

Smith moves on to the district fair, while Hart advances to the state pageant.

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