Tip leads to chase, arrest

By Staff, 10/7/17 10:02 AM

Hempstead County Sheriff's Department

HOPE – While on patrol on Oct. 6, Hempstead County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Dorman tried to stop a vehicle pulling a small utility trailer.

This resulted in a chase and the eventual arrest of Dirk Milburn, who was charged for firearms violation and fleeing.

According to a report from the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office, Dorman had recently obtained a warrant for Milburn’s arrest on two felony charges, one being for a firearms violation. At the time, it was thought he could be in possession of one or more weapons. Dorman tried to stop Milburn at the intersection of East 23 and Bill Clinton Bypass. Milburn reportedly slowed, almost stopped, but sped off, hitting speeds in excess of 65mph on East 23rd. According to the report, Milburn almost lost control of the vehicle and trailer at Hwy. 32, where he was allegedly driving in the middle of the highway. The report states Milburn reached Shover Springs and encountered a vehicle turning as he topped a blind hill. Milburn reportedly almost hit the other vehicle, but sped up, passed it and almost caused a head-on collision in a curve. The oncoming vehicle was forced onto the shoulder of the road. Eventually, the chase entered Nevada County.

At the intersection of Hwy. 32 and Hwy. 53 Milburn again failed to slow down and almost lost control of his vehicle again. According to the report, he slammed on his brakes when Dorman attempted to go around him and block the road. The report states Milburn swerved with the trailer hitting Dorman’s patrol car near the front driver’s side wheel. Milburn turned onto Nevada 3, regained control of his vehicle and headed west, hitting speeds of 50. He reportedly blew through the intersection at Nevada 3 and 5 without stopping and stayed on Nevada 3 until he got to Hwy. 355 East, where he again almost lost control of his vehicle while turning. He headed east on Hay. 355, again driving in the middle of the road at a high rate of speed.

He reportedly turned back onto Nevada 5, still speeding, until the road turned into Hempstead 123 where he met Deputy James Braddock. Milburn allegedly veered into Braddock’s lane, running the deputy into the ditch, and signaled as if going to stop, but, instead, slowed to around 20mph, at which time Dorman sped around him and guided Milburn’s vehicle to the shoulder. Milburn, though, sped up, hitting Dorman’s vehicle a second time.

Dorman reportedly noticed another police unit behind Milburn, stopped and got out with his patrol rifle, ordering Milburn out of his vehicle. Dorman told Milburn to get out several times, but was ignored until Dorman and Investigator Justin Crane helped him out of the vehicle. A search turned up one firearm in the vehicle.

Milburn continued resisting arrest, but was cuffed by Nevada County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Larry Miller and Crane. Milburn was taken to the Hempstead County Detention Facility where he faces charges of felony fleeing, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and possession of firearms by certain persons.

According to the report, the chase stemmed from a call investigators got earlier Friday concerning Milburn being involved in the drug trade, but also using methamphetamine via injection with a diabetic syringe. The tip reportedly stated Milburn was using and selling primarily meth, also had firearms and was a convicted felon.

The person calling in the tip asked deputies to search their premises for anything illegal. The caller signed a consent form to allow the search. Investigators reportedly found a nickel plated .32 caliber derringer in a bedside table, with two rounds. They also found a .45 caliber rifle, loaded with five rounds, and a plastic bag containing six empty syringes and one containing a clear liquid.

A warrant for Milburn’s arrest was obtained and he was charged with two counts of possession of firearms by certain persons, along with the other charges.



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