Bobcats lose against the Cardinals

By Staff, 10/20/17 10:55 PM

hope football

Tonight the Hope Bobcats played against the Camden Fairview Cardinals. The game started off good for the Bobcats due to them getting a safety. They took an early lead over the Cardinals (2-0). Camden fairview took the lead from Hope by scoring a touchdown and a 2-point conversion (2-8). Hope was unable to answer back to the Cardinals. The Cardinals made it into the end-zone and got another 2-point conversion (2-16). The first half of the game ended with Hope behind the Camden Fairview (9-30). Multiple penalties were called on both teams tonight causing tension to arise between the two teams. During the second half scoring had slowed down a bit but not the penalities. The Cardinals started off the scoring for the second half advancing their lead, but they had to re-kick due to a penalty called on the Bobcats (9-43). The Bobcats were only able to score one last time. Mercy rule went into effect during the 4th quarter. Camden Fairview was victorious over Hope winning (16-57).

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