UAHT PN Students volunteered at Randy Sam’s Outreach Center

By Staff, 11/17/17 7:29 PM

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The UAHT Hope Practical Nursing students and three of their faculty, volunteered at the Randy Sam’s Outreach Center. Randy Sam’s is a homeless shelter that serves the local Texarkana community. The students and faculty helped clean the facilities bathrooms, kitchen, raked leaves, went through donated clothes, and checked for expiration dates on can goods. A table was also set up outside to assist the needy with clothing for winter. This year marked 5 years that the UAHT Nursing Program in Hope and Texarkana Volunteered at Randy Sam’s. Cyndi Graham, Practical Nursing Coordinator stated “UAHT has been so blessed with community support, this is our way of giving back. We do this to open our eyes to the needs of our community to better equip our new nurses for the battle of poverty and tribulation. We do this to cultivate compassion in our hearts and in the hearts of future nurses.”

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