Biblical Israel comes to Prescott at FUMC

By Staff, 12/23/17 6:06 PM


PRESCOTT – A bit of the Old Middle East came to Prescott over the weekend with the Live Nativity sponsored by the First United Methodist Church (FUMC).

Weather posed a problem Friday night as rain cancelled most of the nativity, but did allow for a drive through so visitors could get an idea of what to expect Saturday and Sunday. The nativity was scheduled to open at 5:30 p.m., but patrons chose not to wait and started showing up early. They were treated to the Bethlehem Inn, where there was no room for Mary and Joseph, the stables, Mary and Martha’s Cafe, which proved to be one of the more popular spots as it offered free hot chocolate and cookies. There were shepherds walking around, along with a couple of angels.

Visitors could also have their photos taken through a cutout, allowing them to be Mary and Joseph in the manger looking at the Baby Jesus. The walkway behind the church had different shops set up where people could purchase freshly baked bread, soaps and candles.

There was a steady stream of visitors throughout the event Saturday evening as residents wanted to take a trip back in time to see what life was like in old Israel.

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