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Cooper homeroom resolutions

By Staff, 12/30/17 8:24 AM


These are the New Year’s Resolutions from Cooper’s homeroom:

My New years resolution is to lose weight. The first reason is because I need to get fit for 7yh grade football. Reason number 2 is, I want to be one of the faster people on the team. Finally I want to be in a skilled position.

Rocco Patrick

Many people have a New Year’s Resolution. Some would like to be a better person, eat healthy, get better grades, and lots more! I already have good grades, a clean room, and I’m nice. Next Year, I would like to change some things. I would like to not be shy, read more, and be more organized.

First of all, I am really shy and quiet. That’s probably why some teachers like me, since the class is usually loud and talkative. When I get olde, I will have to do lots of presentations. I’m too shy to do stuff like that and even talk with my class. All of this would be a lot easier if I wasn’t shy. I wouldn’t like to talk too much though, like some students.

Another thing I need to do next year is read more. Reading isn’t my favorite subject. I especially hate when I am assigned to read something, even out loud, but reading on my own can be fun. If I give reading a chance, I would probably be a lot smarter. My friend is also encouraging me to read more.

I also need to get more organized because everything is a big mess! Sometimes, when something is due a certain time, I get stressed and unorganized. With this, my Mom is also encouraging me to get organized. So she got me a planner which may help me a lot. I am always busy and have lots of things to do. Usually, I wait until the last minute with things. Getting organized will definatly be on the top of my New Year’s Revolution list.

Marissa Zalvivar

My New Year’s Resolution is to face a fear. My fear is riding a bull. I want to be like Lane Clyde Frost, a hero. Lane Frost is my hero, I look up to him. I will ride a bull. My aunt Lawana rode bulls and everyone says she was good.

Carson Moore

My new Years revolution is to learn a new speech. I think it would be fun to learn how to speak chinesses or walk into a city and and already know how to speek to them. This is my new years revolution.

Tavionne Haynie

Some times I sit at my desk crumpling papers. It’s because the pictures I drew on them are not as good as I need them, so that’s why my New Years Resolution is to improve my art. My art is good but not good enough. Most of My drawings aren’t as good as they could so I’m going to improve this year.

Kira Brady

What is your New Year’s Resolution? My New Year’s Resolution is to ‘study more because I have had a rough time with my grades. So I can have a good job, I need to have a better education. A better opportunity to have good chances to play Baskeball.

Jade Sharp

My New Year’s Resolutions is to study. I have some problems on my tests and I want to make it up. Sometimes I want to ask Mrs. Cooper if she can give me extra paper or work. I have 21st century and thought it would help me study, but it only helps with homework. I’m shy to ask questions, I’m afraid that I’m going to get them wrong.

Emily Ortiz

My new year’s resolution is to lose weight. My goal is to hit 99 lbs by the time I play baseball in 7th grade. I’m 117 lbs so I have a while to go. I need to exercise more, lift weight more, and eat healthy food like spinach, broccoli, protens and greens, That is my New Years Resolution.

Kain McKinnon

My New Year’s Resolution is to eat healthy and drink healthy. I want to eat healthier because I want to run faster. So when I get faster, I will be a lot better at sports. Also, I just might be good at track. Whats your New Year’s Resolution.

Pierce Yates

My New Years Resolution is to make better grades because I want to go back to what I used to be like. I used to have Straight A’s. I want my mom to be even prouder of me. My mom said if I get Straight A’s I will get an iphone 8 at any time. My dad said he will get me a new horse. That’s why I want straight A’s.

JaQuan English

My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. This is my resolution because I am fat, 150 pounds to be precise. I want to lose weight so, I am not made fun of. I wont be scared of breaking things I sit on, if I lose weight. My New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight.

Roy Peachey

My New Year’s Resolution is to speak another language. The first language I would like to speak is is Spanish. I want to learn the wonderful language because some people at my school speak Spanish and because, if I were to go to a different country; then I can talk to them. I also want to learn more sign language.

Zareah Colbert

For my New Year’s Resolution I’m going to be nicer to my brother because we argue all the time. I just get so mad at him sometimes. I don’t want to be mad at him. That’s my New Year’s Resolution.

Dakota Jones.

My New year’s Resolution is to spend more time listing to music because it helps me calm down it helps when I do my home work and it helps me go to sleep. If I can do that I can do better on my grades. That is my new years resolution.

Logan Gavlan

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