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Smillie’s homeroom’s resolutions

By Staff, 12/30/17 8:56 AM


These are the resolutions from Smillie’s homeroom at PES:

My New Year’s Resolution is to get better at basketball. I’m already awesome at it, but practice makes perfect. I would also kind of like to get better at football too.

Rocco Loe

My New Year’s resolution is to have a standing back-tuck by the end of 6th grade. I want it by the end of 6th grade so I will have a better chance at trying out for cheer.


My New Year’s resolution is being less shy because when it comes to public speaking I totally freak out. I will plan by next year to be able to public speak. That was my new year’s resolution.


My new year’s resolution is to meet the people in my neighborhood. I want to meet them because I think they are nice. I want to make more friends. I want more friends because some people are nice. That is my new years resolution.


My New Year’s resolution is to be a nicer person. The reason is the world needs nicer people, It would be good if we gave more hugs and smiled at somebody every day. Another part of my resolution is to help people when nobody else is. The reason is I’ve seen many people drop their things and nobody helped them pick it up. It makes the person feel sad and that they have no one to talk to; I want to change this. I hope my New Year’s resolution will change many lives and help stop bullying.

Dixie Purtle

My new year’s resolution is to shoot my bow for over two hours a day. I already shoot my bow for about two hours. This coming year I want to outdo myself for the previous year. Also they say that practice makes perfect, and I definatly want to be perfect.

Gavin Hatley

My new Year’s Resolution is to get better grades. I have okay grades, but they could be better. I want to make better grades so that I can make the honor roll. Also so that I can make my parents proud. One more thing is that I will do better in writing, reading, science, social studies and math. That’s my new years’ resolution. What’s yours?

Lainey R.

My New Year’s resolution is to be good in class and not to bully kids. I also want to be good at my house and gain weight. I will also help my community and pick up trash.


My New Year’s Resolution is to be nice to each other, think positive, use my manners, and make better choices. Now I think that everyone should take my advice and to do the right thing every time and anywhere. I really hope that everyone has something nice to say on their New Year’s Resolution. Find something nice to say. It makes everyone to fill their bucket. Now remember be a bucket filler not a bucket dipper. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.

Emily B.

My new year’s resolution is to complete my school work on time. For ex. My work in math. Also my word squares for reading.

Ethan Ray

My new year’s resolution is to make better grades. My family thinks grades will give a good paying job. I think that’s true. I am planning to go to college one day, but I have to have good grades.

Rian Strickland

My Resolution is to meet Kevin Gates. I love his music, and he is a big part of my life. He and Logic are the best people in the world.


My New Year Resolution is not be loud in class and disrupt my classmates because they can’t concentrate. Also to get a new pair of boots, so I can have a pair for my spurs. Also to keep my room clean so I can find my stuff. Then to get better at basketball so I can play basketball next year.


My New Year’s Resolution is to stop bullying. Bullies are mean. If you are getting bullied, you need to tell an adult as quick as possible, and don’t take it in your own hands. Or just talk to a counselor. But bullies need to stop bullying. It hurts people’s feelings. Take my advice. I’ve been a bully, and I’ve gotten bullied. It’s not good when you take it into your own hands.

Jakeylon Jones

As I continue my 6th grade semester, I want to win another ring in baseball. We went undefeated. Nobody could stop us. I also want to be the best team in basketball. So far, we have a good team. I also want to get good grades for the rest of the year. I want good conduct where I can go out for fun Friday.

Tayshaun Smith


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