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Byers’ homeroom resolutions

By Staff, 12/31/17 8:37 AM


These are the New Year’s Resolutions from Byers’ homeroom.

For my New Years Resolutions I would like to get healthy and lose weight. Eat a lot of healthy food and keep my body healthy. Drink at least 8 cup of water a day so I won’t keep getting sick. Exercise so I can say in a good size. Think about eating more vegetable.

Nadia Gleason

My Nev Year’s Resolution is to spend more time with my family. I chose this because I need to spend more time with my mom because I don’t get to see her much.

Sean Cupples

My New Year’s Resolution is to help the homeless so they won’t get cold and die outside. You could help the homeless, too, if we all help they will not die in the cold.

Marcus Dudgeon

Do you ever want someone to be more respectful? I do. Some people just are respectful. They don’t be mean to other student and they don’t talk back to the teacher. Some people are not respectful they don’t do the same as respectful people.

Detavion Woodley

My New Year’s Resolution I want to learn a new language because when I’m an adult I would be traveling around the world. I never traveled or moved anywhere. But I would be in NYU before leaving USA. First I’ll be in Tokyo because I love Japan then I’ll go to paris. Then I’ll be in LA, California alone in my apartment and probably start a youtube channel.

Alanie Spratt

My New Year’s Resolution is to learn to play guitar. I chose this because I’ve always wanted to play a guitar. I had tried to play it but it was too hard. After this, it will be one of my goals to play the guitar.

John Rabadan

For my New Year’s Resolution I want to help others by giving them food, water, clothes, money and other things like that. I want to donate clothes, and toys. I would like to do that because some people can not afford some of them things.

Jayquan Dickerson

My New Year’s Resolution is to Be more Respectful. I want to learn my manners so I won’t get into trouble as much.

My other is to get organized so everything will be in a certain place And Everything will not be lost.

Shelby Webb

My New Year’s Resolution is to donate to charity. There are too many kids in the hospital needing serious medications to help with pain and other problems. My cousin is in the hospital right now because he needed heart surgery. I want to help other children like him.

Marianna Munoz

My New Year’s Resolution is to donate to charity. I need to start being courageous so this year I am going to donate to a charity. I want to make a mark on the world by donating. I am ready to change lives and show that I care.

Justin Sheets

My New Year’s Resolution is to keep my bedroom clean and organized for longer. I chose this because my mother is always asking me to clean my room but I always seem to dirty it up very quickly.

Lily Koger

My New Years Resolution is to be kind to my sibling. The reason why is because he always bothers me, so I get mad. When we fight I always win because I’m bigger than him. I hope I can forfill my resolution.

Tolan Smith

My New Year’s Resolution is to be more confident. I’m really shy and don’t like participating in most things. I want to do this for myself because most people don’t choose me to do anything because I’m too shy to, which makes me feel left out. I actually like not having to do much and not having stuff piled on top of me, but I feel left out and like no one likes me That’s why my New Year’s Resolution is to be more confident.

Addison Dickerson

My New’s Resolution is that I want to learn how to bake more than desserts and small meals. I mostly bake on weekends and holidays. I like to bake cakes and cupcakes the most, but I really want to learn how to bake big things that will challenge me.

Kaileigh Coke

My New Year

S Resolutions are to be good everywhere I go, save money, be nice and get fit. I need to be good so I could go anywhere and not worry about getting in trouble. I need to save money to buy something I really want. I need to be nice so everyone respects me. Last but not least I need to get fit so I could run faster.

Rasheed Muhammad

My New Years Resolution is to write neater. I want to write as neat as Thomas Jefferson. He wrote the declaration of independence. I’ve been writing sloppy since kindergarten. I am ready for a change.

Eli Lowdermilk

My New Years Resolution is to improve my grades. My grades are dropping. Another thing is to finish my choices. Another thing is to study so I can improve my grades that’s why They are dropping. That’s my New Years Resolution.

Kennedy McKillion

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