Garrett Memorial Homecoming

By Staff, 01/19/18 5:49 PM


HOPE- Garrett Memorial held their homecoming ceremony today, January 19. With Brother Neil Ridling emceeing both ceremonies. During the school ceremony the maids were escorted by a fellow classmate and for the evening ceremony the maids were escorted by a significant family member. After all maids were escorted to the stage Morgan Peek, the 2017 Homecoming Queen presented the crown the 2018 Queen Shelby Pogue.

Sophomore maid- Ashlynn Hart, escorted by Colby Hurt

Junior maid- Hannah Lloyd, escorted by Cole Clements

Senior maid- Melissa Bailey, escorted by Gage Burns

Senior maid/Queen- Shelby Pogue, escorted by Ty Watkins

Senior maid- Sarah Campbell, escorted by Richard Key

Senior maid- Clarissa Bailey, escorted by Devin Harris

Senior maid- Morgan Hooker, escorted by Tyler Fleming

Senior maid- Rayleigh Hart, escorted by Drake Hargis

Senior maid- Courtney Rook, escorted by Zach Smith

Senior maid- Honour Whitaker, escorted by Andrew Miller

The 2018 attendance were- Miss Kinsley Collier and Mr. Graydon Randell

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