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Drivers, employees honored at Hines Safety Banquet

By Staff, 04/1/19 8:05 AM

HOPE – Employees of JD and Billy Hines Trucking were honored at the company’s 27th Annual Safety Banquet Saturday night at the Hope Coliseum.

The Coliseum started filling up shortly after 5 p.m. as families gathered for the various awards and honors, along with the door prizes and the BBQ dinner, catered by Lotta Bull BBQ. The company has made this a family affair, making sure children of the drivers weren’t forgotten as they were invited to participate in a coloring contest. The winners were given crisp, new $20 bills for their efforts.

Recognition of Million Mile Club

The accomplishments of these employees have helped make Hines Trucking what it is today.  Their efforts over the years have been outstanding and their miles accumulation reflects their hard work and dedication to a job well done.

Walter McGill                                                4.6 million miles                      

David Goodwin                                            2.9 million miles

Dofort Harris                                                 2.9 million miles

Cornelius Beard                                          2.3 million miles

Harold Vaughn                                            2.6 million miles

Jerimiah Walters                                          2.4 million miles

Percy McGill                                                 1.6 million miles

Miguel Castillo                                             2.2 million miles

Todd Coffman                                              1.6 million miles

Sean Hallisey                                               1.9 million miles

Terry Malone                                                1.9 million miles

Larry Peace                                                  1.3 million miles

Charles Welch                                             1.4 million miles

Richard Eason                                             1.4 million miles

James Grant                                                 1.3 million miles

Derrill Williamson                                        1.4 million miles

Gerhard Wunderlich                                   1.1 million miles

Jimmy Johnson                                            1.1 million miles

Ed Johnson                                                  1.1 million miles

Mike Scarborough                                       1.1 million miles

Max Fuqua                                                    1.1 million miles

New Members:

Rocky Wiley                                                  1.0 million miles

John Denton                                                 1.0 million miles

Phillip Smith                                                 1.0 million miles

Jeff Cook                                                       1.0 million miles

Recognition Event Planning Staff

Recognition of Office Staff

Their “behind the scenes” hard work and dedication to making HTI the best trucking company in the country often goes unnoticed, and many times under-appreciated in the trucking industry.  However, they are vital to our success. Without them, phones wouldn’t be answered, bills wouldn’t be paid, customers wouldn’t be acquired, paychecks wouldn’t be distributed, backgrounds wouldn’t be checked, insurance questions would be ignored, loads wouldn’t be planned, and on and on and on.

Parts Department:                                       Lisa McClure

Service Manager:                                        Steve Brzeski

Shop Manager:                                            Greg McBride

Tire Manager:                                               David Jackson

Maintenance & Tire Department:             Chris Sims

                                                                        Gary Gleason

                                                                        Pascual Gonzalez

                                                                        Joseph Morrow

                                                                        Patrick Hash

                                                                        John Hayes

                                                                        Kirk Crawford

                                                                        Jamie Auld

                                                                        Quenten Glass

                                                                        Zane Newton

                                                                        Matt Newton

IT:                                                                    Danny Stewart

Accounting:                                                   Laura Bradley

                                                                        Katie Parish

                                                                        Ginger Clover

                                                                        Samantha Kuyper

                                                                        Rita Peters

                                                                        Ronda Roswell

                                                                        Lisa Cowart

Operations:                                                   Darlene Wiley

                                                                        Roger Buckley

                                                                        Jeff McNeal

                                                                        Keely Lamb

                                                                        Stan Schooley

                                                                        DeWayne Floyd

                                                                        Louis Bolo

                                                                        Anthony Johnson

                                                                        Kayla Yarberry

Safety:                                                            Kris Kelley

                                                                        Frankie Harris

HR/Recruiting:                                             Katye Halliday

                                                                        Kiley Hines

                                                                        Paquitta Hatley

                                                                        Kaitlyn Knox

                                                                        Ron Quillin

                                                                        Roberta Gulley

Invocation, Billy Hines.

Winners of 6th Annual Safety for Kids Art Contest

MacKenzie Lollar                                        John Denton’s Granddaughter

Conner Kuyper                                            Samantha Kuyper’s Son

Tynleigh Kuyper                                          Samantha Kuyper’s Son

Roselynn Kelley                                          Kris Kelley’s Daughter

Skylar Peters                                                Rita Peter’s Daughter

Larryah Peters                                             Rita Peter’s Daughter

Wyatt Reeves                                               Katye Halliday’s Great Grandson

Kensley Reeves                                          Katye Halliday’s Great Granddaughter


This award is given to the drivers with the best drive tire mileage.

Flat bed:

3rd Place              John Denton                                           160,231 miles

2nd Place              Charles Jones                                        233,897 miles

1rd Place              Willis Case                                              245,492 miles

Short Haul:

6th Place              Jerome Smith                                           91,972 miles

5th Place              Richard Eason                                       104,713 miles

4th Place              Terry Malone                                          112,630 miles

3rd Place              Jeff Cook                                                 116,295 miles

2nd Place              Miguel Castillo                                       144,190 miles

1st Place              Dofort Harris                                           164,034 miles

Recognition of Newest Employees, Ron Quillin

Door Prizes


This award is given one time to recognize when an employee has had no chargeable accidents for a period of one year.

Unarita Peters

Kaitlyn Knox

Paquitta Hatley

Roger Buckley

Ronald Quillin

Andoval Williams

Paul Chaney

Dylan Jegstrup

Eric Diffy

Linda Provence

Timothy McCullough

Francis Hulett

Jorge Vaquera

Stacy Smith

Lester Singleton

David Pierce


Hines Trucking values and appreciates our employees and would like to honor the following employees for their years of service:

3 Years                                                         Roberta Gulley

                                                                        William Hill

                                                                        Todd Jones

                                                                        Richard Fowler

                                                                        Willis Case

                                                                        David Woodard

                                                                        Libby Olney

                                                                        William Barr

                                                                        George McNease

                                                                        Willie Williams

4 Years                                                         Lonnie Hughes

                                                                        Harold Weisel

                                                                        Erik Eskew

                                                                        Anthony Maxwell

                                                                        Jeff McNeal

                                                                        Chris Sims

                                                                        Frankie Harris

5 Years                                                         Russel Williams

                                                                        Terri Roper

                                                                        Troy Gaines

6 Years                                                         Vincent Foster

                                                                        Derrick Briggs

                                                                        Vernon Frerichs

                                                                        Kris Kelley

                                                                        Jerome Smith

7 Years                                                         Earnest Nabors

                                                                        Shawn Starks

8 Years                                                         Joseph Morrow

                                                                        Robert Owens

9 Years                                                         Kevin Smith

                                                                        Frank Smith

                                                                        Rocky Wiley

                                                                        Jeff Cook

                                                                        John Clary

10 Years                                                       Danny Stewart

                                                                        Earl Belle

                                                                        Max Fuqua

                                                                        Lee Lawrence

                                                                        Charles Jones

                                                                        Phillip Smith

11 Years                                                       Gerhard Wunderlich

                                                                        Lyle Peters

                                                                        John Denton

                                                                        Mike Scarborough

                                                                        Ed Johnson

12 Years                                                       Willis Wesley

                                                                        Katie Parish

                                                                        Braden Bradley

                                                                        Pascual Gonzalez

                                                                        Jimmy Johnson

13 Years                                                       Gary Gleason

                                                                        Derrill Williamson

                                                                        Darlene Wiley

                                                                        Larry Gullett

14 Years                                                       Lisa McClure

                                                                        Terry Malone

15 Years                                                       Laura Bradley

                                                                        Steve Brzeski

16 Years                                                       James Grant

                                                                        Charles Welch

                                                                        Sean Hallisey

                                                                        Richard Eason

17 Years                                                       Katye Halliday

                                                                        Kiley Hines

                                                                        Miguel Castillo

                                                                        Richard Olney

                                                                        Larry Peace

18 Years                                                       Robert Baker

19 Years                                                       Percy McGill

20 Years                                                       Perry Van

                                                                        Todd Coffman

21 Years                                                       Jesse Mergel

24 Years                                                       Frederick Henry

                                                                        Harold Vaughn

                                                                        Ginger Clover

25 Years                                                       Jerimiah Walters

26 Years                                                       Cornelius Beard

                                                                        Wayne Morrow

27 Years                                                       Dofort Harris

30 Years                                                       David Goodwin

39 Years                                                       David Jackson

40 Years                                                       Walter McGill

Door Prizes


This award recognizes the top shop mechanics for the year.  All mechanics employed as of January 1, 2018 were rated on a point system based on Safety, Work Quality, Attitude, Paperwork, Assignments, Clean Work Area and Attendance.

Most Improved                                            Jerry Sundberg

1st Runner-Up                                              John Hayes

2018 Shop Employee of the Year          Joseph Morrow


This award is to recognize the top three drivers for the most revenue produced in the Flatbed Division for 2018:

3rd Place:                                                       Willis Case

2nd Place                                                        Richard Fowler

1st Place                                                        Willie Williams


This award is to recognize the top drivers for the most loads hauled in the year 2018.

Short Haul Division:

3rd Place                                                        Todd Coffman

2nd Place                                                        James Grant

1st Place                                                        Terri Roper


This award is given for the most miles driven in 2018.

Flatbed Division:

3rd Place                                                        Derrill Williamson

2nrd Place                                                    John Denton

1st Place                                                        Richard Fowler

Short Haul Division:

3rd Place                                                        Miguel Castillo

2nd Place                                                        Jeff Cook

1st Place                                                        Terry Malone


These awards are based on top individual miles per gallon for 2018.

Flatbed Division:

3rd Place                                                        Richard Fowler

2nd Place                                                        Shawn Starks

1st Place                                                        David Woodard

Short Haul:

3rd Place                                                        Cornelius Beard

2nd Place                                                        Harold Vaughn

1st Place                                                        Dofort Harris


This certificate is given for every 250,000 miles of accident free driving.

250,000 Miles                                              George McNease

                                                                        Frank Salzar

                                                                        Willie Williams

                                                                        David Woodard

                                                                        Jack Brewer

                                                                        David Morris

                                                                        David Pierce

500,000 Miles                                              Lonnie Hughes

                                                                        Vincent Foster

750,000 Miles                                              Lyle Peters

                                                                        Frank Smith

                                                                        Earnest Nabors

                                                                        Shawn Starks

1,000,000 Miles                                           John Denton

                                                                        Phillip Smith

                                                                        Jeff Cook

                                                                        Rocky Wiley

1,250,000 Miles                                           James Grant                                       2,250,000 miles     Miguel Castillo

                                                                        Harold Vaughn

Door Prizes


This award honors contractors based on Revenue, Points, Attendance and Loads

1st Runner-Up                                              Robert Baker

Driver of the Year                                        Sean Markcum


These drivers have traveled away from their families, stayed in hotel rooms, and gone to great lengths to help Hines Trucking… with their input, guidance, mentorship, and leadership of our new hires, build a foundation of the most highly trained drivers in our industry, and before we announce the awards, we’d like to recognize each of them.  2nd Runner-Up  Fredrick Burnett

1st Runner-Up                                              Todd Jones

Trainer of the Year                                      Harold Weisel


This award honors the top flatbed drivers based on Miles Per Gallon, Accidents & /Incidents, Logs, Write-Ups, Total Revenue, Total Miles and Attendance

2nd Runner-Up                                              Derrill Williamson

1st Runner-Up                                              Richard Fowler

Long Haul Driver of the Year                    Willie Williams


This award honors the top short haul drivers based on Miles Per Gallon, Accidents & /Incidents, Logs, Write-Ups, Total Revenue, Total Miles and Attendance

2nd Runner-Up                                              Lonnie Hughes

1st Runner-Up                                              Harold Vaughn

Short Haul Driver of the Year                    Sean Hallisey