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HCSO log

By Staff, 03/23/17 2:28 PM

Hempstead County Sheriff's Department


A domestic disturbance was investigated by the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO).

According to a release from the HCSO, the call came in around 9:40 p.m. on March 19. A deputy went to a house on W. Ave. B and met with a 38-year-old woman who said her boyfriend had been harassing her and she wanted him out of the house. She reportedly told the deputy her boyfriend had been staying there since last summer.

The deputy reportedly spoke to the boyfriend, who said he’d been in the house when the woman came in complaining about his calling her too much. He said she’d gotten mad and called the HCSO, and he had nowhere else to go as he’d been living there almost a year.

The victim reportedly said she would go to a friend’s house for the night and didn’t care if the boyfriend stayed. However, neither of them wanted to file charges, and there was reportedly no evidence of any kind of physical altercation.


Deputies with the HCSO looked into a criminal mischief incident that reportedly occurred on Hempstead 3 shortly before 4 p.m. on March 20.

The caller said she had 40 acres of land for sale on Hempstead 133, and after feeding her cows, she checked on the property. She reportedly told the deputy she noticed a section of the land was smoking as though it had been burning. A check showed a few acres of underbrush had burned off.

According to the report, the caller also said she’d heard noises coming from outside her home on March 19, and saw people with flashlights walking around the end of Hempstead 132 and Hempstead 3, but didn’t see a vehicle in the area or which direction the people were headed. She reportedly said the voices sounded like young people.


Deputies investigated a report of animal cruelty.

According to the report, a call came in around 4:30 p.m. on March 20, concerning cruelty to animals. A deputy went to Hwy. 32 W and met with the caller, who said she and her mother had been driving toward Millwood Lake and saw a horse that appeared to be in bad shape.

The deputy contacted the horse’s owner, who reportedly told him a veterinarian had been contacted, and determined the horse was being taken care of, that this particular horse was just old. The other two horses on the property appeared to be in good health.


Shortly before 8 p.m. on March 29, a deputy responded to a domestic disturbance call on Hwy. 278 W.

When the deputy arrived he met with a 30-year-old man sitting on the porch. The man reportedly said he and his wife had gotten into an argument because she allowed a friend of hers to spank their child. During the argument the woman reportedly said her husband had pushed her and she’d fallen. However, after checking, the deputy saw no signs of injury.

The woman said she didn’t want to press charges, but wanted to move into her new apartment without any trouble.

The woman was given a Laura’s card and a Domestic Violence Lethality screening was done. She was told she could stay at Hope in Action until her new apartment was ready.


Deputies checked into a case of financial identity fraud that was reported shortly before 10 a.m. on March 21.

The victim showed up at the HCSO and met with Sgt. Jim Bush. The victim said he’s in the process of getting a divorce and his estranged wife had applied for a credit card in his name without his knowledge. He reportedly said she’d charged $400 to $500 on the card and had called to tell him she’d obtained the card to buy something. He reportedly asked what she was talking about and was informed she’d gotten the card under his name.

The alleged victim said he didn’t want to file charges, but needed a report he could send to the card’s fraud department and have the account closed.


Deputies are investigating the theft of property from a residence on Hwy. 278 W. The call came in shortly before 12:30 p.m. on March 21, with Sgt. Bush investigating. Bush was reportedly told the person’s landlord had taken the renter’s cats and wouldn’t return them because the cats had allegedly walked across some wet concrete the landlord had poured.

The caller said he was worried about the cats as one was reportedly being kept in a cage under the landlord’s carport and the other had allegedly been hauled off. However, the caller said he didn’t want to file charges, but wanted his cats back.

Bush met with the landlord who said the cats were causing her trouble and had left prints in the wet concrete. She reportedly said she’d taken the cats to a friend’s barn. Bush allegedly told the woman the man only wanted his cats back. The cat being kept in the cage was reportedly returned to its owner, with the other to be returned once it’s caught.


Deputies are looking into a harassment case involving photos on a cell phone.

The victim made the report on March 21, saying he has a cell phone kept in case he needs to call 911 and the phone hasn’t been active in a year or so. He reportedly said about six months ago he got a notification on the phone and when he checked there was a photo gallery of nude men with drugs around them. He said the last time he’d received a photo was about a month ago. He said the reason he hadn’t reported the incident sooner was he’d been working and hadn’t been able to take time off.

The phone was shown to a deputy, who checked and reportedly saw photos of the man’s children, a boat and water and several photos that were dark. The victim reportedly said he hadn’t taken the pictures and had no idea how they got onto the phone. The phone was left at the HCSO to be examined.


Curtis Tolliver, 21, of Prescott, is being sought in connection with an assault.

According to the report, shortly after 3:30 p.m. on March 21, a deputy was sent to Wadley Regional Medical Center in reference to an assault. The deputy met with hospital staff who said the patient had told them her boyfriend had beaten her up.

The deputy spoke with the woman who reportedly said her boyfriend, Tolliver, got mad at her around 1 a.m. and began striking her with his fists, but couldn’t remember what he’d been mad about.

She reportedly said she’d tried to get away from him, but couldn’t. She claimed Tolliver knocked her out and she woke up around noon at her home in Blevins. She called 911 asking for an ambulance to take her to the hospital. When asked where Tolliver could be found, she reportedly said he lives in Prescott but had no address for him.

The deputy noted the victim’s lips were swollen and was reportedly told she had a broken right foot. Further investigation showed Tolliver has an outstanding warrant in Hempstead County.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the situation and is also on the lookout for Tolliver. Anyone with information as to Tolliver’s whereabouts is asked to call the HCSO at 870-777-6727.


Deputies investigated an auto accident that occurred around 7:45 p.m. on March 21 on Hempstead 3.

The deputy met with the driver, Michael Moore, when he got to the scene of the accident and was reportedly told Moore had been headed south on Hempstead 3 when he noticed a vehicle at a stop sign on Hempstead 132 E. Moore said he began to stop only to have the brakes on his vehicle lock up. Attempts to control the vehicle proved fruitless as it skidded across Hempstead 3 and wound up in a ditch.

The owner of the land on Hempstead 3 was contacted and told Moore had run off the road, ending up in a ditch on the person’s property. Moore was cited for having no proof of insurance and failure to pay registration.


Deputies investigated a vehicle fire around 2 a.m. on March 22 on Hempstead 23.

According to the report, the deputy met with Frankie DeVenny who said he’d been heading south on Hempstead 23 towards Hope when he saw an amber glow. As he rounded a curve, he reportedly saw a car on fire in the middle of the road, but saw no one in the area, and the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames.

The deputy managed to get the license number off the truck and have it checked. It came back as being owned by Randy Ratherree of Nashville. Fatherree was contacted and reportedly told the deputy he’d left the truck at his shop in Mineral Springs around 8:30 p.m. He said the truck was unlocked, but he had both sets of keys. Fatherree reportedly contacted the Howard County Sheriff’s Office to report the truck had been stolen.


Around 1:40 p.m. on March 22, a deputy was sent to the Allen Ferry landing in reference to a breaking or entering.

The deputy met with Kenneth Perry, who reportedly said while driving on Hwy. 355 the night before he’d gotten a flat tire and drove to the parking lot at the end of Allen Ferry Road. Perry reportedly left his Jeep there around 8 p.m., returned to get it around 1:30 a.m. and noticed someone had taken both front tires and rims, and had opened the hood where he found someone had also taken the battery and a floor jack. Perry said the vehicle’s ignition was damaged when it was set down on a stump.


Deputies are looking into the case of dogs that may have been stolen.

The report came in shortly before 4 p.m. March 22, with Donna Smith telling a deputy she normally lets her dogs roam around when she lets them out to take care of their business. She reportedly said most of the dogs will roam around for a couple of days before returning home, but she hasn’t seen them since March 17.

Smith said she had no idea who may have taken her dogs, but believes they could have been taken to use in dog fighting.


Deputies are investigation the report of a fourth degree sexual misconduct.

On March 22, Hope Police Officer Justin Dean contacted the HCSO about a person who wanted to report a crime that had occurred in the county. A deputy met with the parents of a 14-year-old girl who said they’d learned their daughter had snuck out of the house the night before to meet with a 17-year-old boy, who reportedly talked her into having sex with him.

The incident is under investigation.


Just after midnight on March 23, a deputy was sent to a house on Hempstead 56 in reference to a suspicious person.

The deputy met with Judy Evans who reportedly said she didn’t see anyone, but thought she’d heard a voice and wanted a deputy to check around her house. The deputy walked around her house, but found no one or any sign anyone had been there.


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