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More BES resolutions

By Staff, 12/27/17 8:27 AM


My New Year’s resolution is to get A’s on my progress reports and report cards. I need to have good grades. I chose this because this is important and my grades can effect my future. When I have bad grades I get in lots of trouble. Right now I have all A’s and I am going to try and keep it that way.

Kyle H

My New Year’s Resolution is to graduate sixth grade from Blevins I chose this resolution because I would like to move on into the seventh grade along with my other friends. It will help me to graduate sixth grade because it is one less grade to finish, and I can get to college faster.

Judah Kirkham

My New Years resolution is to spend 5 hours outside every day. This is my resolution, because exercise is good for your body. This will also give me more time to learn how to drive the four-wheeler and learn how to whittle beter.

Kalynn Mai Highlander

My New Year’s Resolution is to bring up my grade in Reading. I chose this resolution because I have gotten a forty which is an “F”, and I won’t pass this grade. If I bring me grade up it will help me pass on to the seventh grade. That way I won’t get held b ack. That is my New Year’s Resolution.

Darious Petroff

My New Year’s Resolution is to bring my grades up. I need to pay more attention in class and study. When I have an assiment due I need to make sure I have my work done. Bringing my grades up would help me a lot.


My New Year’s Resolutions are to get fit and learn how to do a back handspring. To achieve my resolution to beome fit, I’ll workout.First, I’m going to work on my abdomen to get them, I would do sittups reps, jumping jacks, and push-ups. In order to my goal on learning to do a back-handspring, I will stretch, start jumping back, build up courage, do more back walkovers, then try to flip. Youtube videos will also help me along the way! Those are my New Years Resolutions I hope to reach.

Marcasje Glenn

My New Year’s Resolution will be picking up trash off the ground. I chose this resolution because a lot of animals loose their habitats and family from pollution. This will help everyone and almost everything from dying, getting sick, or getting hurt.


My New Years resolutio is to play less video games. I chose this resolution, because it hurts our eyes and I don’t want to have laser-eye sergury when I grow up. I think this helps me to get out of the house.

Tyler S.

My New Years Resolution is to be friendlier to everyone. I those this resolution because being nicer could change this world over time. It will help my friends and other people to be happier, and it’ll make me a better person.


My New Year’s Resolution is to try to ride Paint and Cash, my oldest horses more. Paint is an 11 or 12 year old roping horse, so he’s lazy, but he needs to be rode more. Cash is actually my uncles, but he doesn’t get rode often because he likes to buck. It will help them stretch their legs because they won’t run while their in the pasture. It will also help get me off my electronics for a while.

Brooklyn Henderson

My New Year’s Resolution is to play soccer. I chose this because I want to beat my friend’s in soccer, and I hope it will happen. It will help me because it will be my third acoemplishment.


My New Year’s Resolution is to help people in the world. I want to help them accomplish goals and never give up. I want to help people who are in homeless shelters and people who live on the side of the road. I want to help people who has anger issues. I want to help people not get into jail. I want to help people reach their goals.


For my New Year’s resolution I want to be a better person. I choose this resolution, because I might be found warm and friendly on the outside, but on the inside I’m a very bad friend. I do not think bad ab out people. I mean by being a better person I should believe in the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, St. Patrick the bad thing is I don’t believe in any of those things. Another words I have no faith. If I did believe in all those things little kids would enjoy believing in those things while they can.

Harlee Petroff

I haven’t been doing to hot this year in – well – I am going to strive to get decent grades. I feel like I’m not trying hard enough. The better I do now, the better I’ll do in college and in life beyond,

I really need to live a healthier lifestyle. You know … the basics. Like drinking more water and eating more nutricious food. The healthier I am now, the more things I will be able and elligable to do later on. The future matters!

Lilly Allen

My new year resolution is to do better in school for a good college. I want to be a photographer. I always take pictures of my sister. The good ones are the one’s I took. My brothers I take pictures of them to and that’s why m new year resolution is to make better grades.

Cadence Smith

My New Years Resolution is to be a good basketball player. I chose it so I can keep going up and up. What I mean by that is that I can keep going and I might get famous. It will help other people by sharing and learing to work as a team. When you play basketball you have to learn how to do team work, because you can’t do it on your own. You have to pass the ball to other people so they will not feel left out. That’s my New Years Resolution. As they say team work makes the dream work!!

Ta’Keyla Williamson

My New Year’s Resolution is to be a better person. The reason why this is my resolution is because in the past I may have been rude or not nice to other people. I may have kind of hurt their feelings. I hope that by doing this people might feel better about being aroud me.

Tanner Hickey

My 2018 New Year’s Resolution is to stop homelessness. It’s not fair that some people have a house, money and transportation while other people are trying to survive. My goal is to help as man homeless people as possible. Another reason I want to stop homelessness is because everytime I go somewhere I always see homeless people asking for money. It makes me sad to see them homeless. One of the worst places I know where a lot of homeless people go asking for money is by Verizon. Verizon is close by Wal-Mart in Hope, AR. Let’s help make a difference!

Daniela Gomez

Killing a deer is my New Years resolution. I haven’t killed one yet, but I’ve killed one every other year I’ve hunted. It will help me and other people not to pull orjerk when you pull the trigger. Everybody misses, even I miss and so will you some day if you hunt.

Rylee Powell

My 2018 resolutio is about my chores wich are dishis, clothes and cleaning. I kind of like it, but not that much because it a little boring and hard and hard that’s why I don’t like chores.

Daniel Baker

My New Years Resolution is to write more stories. I chose this resolution because I want to stretch my imagination in writing. Every story I write isn’t as adventurous as I think it should be. The life of my characters aren’t so interesting or fun. I try to get it as good as possible, but most of the time it isn’t. My resolution will help me succeed in a career as an author.

Ainyah Muresan

My 20178 New Year’s Resolution is to start saving my money. I want to start saving my money because, I want to start buying stuff for my bedroom. If I save my money, when I go Christmas shopping, I can buy my family even more presents! One more reason I should start saving my money is because if somebody needs something, maybe I could help them.

Summer Nivens

My New Years Resolution is to have straite A’s in all my classes. I picked this resolution because it will make me happy, and I won’t have to worry about failing the 6th grade. It will help me because I won’t fail and I can move on to the next grade.

Harleigh Cox

My New Year’s resolution is to give my thanks to God and my friends, Harleigh, Daniela, Daniel and Savanna. I would also like to give a thank you to my teachers, Mrs. Bostic, Mrs. Wicker, and Mrs. Benight. The reason is because they help me.

Landon Brooks

My New Year’s Resolution is to pay more attention in school and study more. So I won’t get in trouble nor get bad grades. I picked this resolution because sometimes I get distracted from doing my work, then I start talking and get marked, so I really need to learn how to ignore people and focus more. It would help me from not getting in trouble and help me get my work done. It would also help others from getting in trouble too.

Laura Cantu

My resolution for 2018 is to do better in math. This is my resolution because it is very important in everyday living, so you need to be able to do it as well as possible. It will benefit ime especially in my career that I absolutely want to do. It will help me for middle school and high school. No matter what career you want or which career you choose you will always need math. Surgeons, doctors or nurses need math in almost every little thing they do. Math will be used in your job even if you are not a surgeon, nurse or doctor. This is why doing better in math is my New Year Resolution!

Savanna Langston

My New Years Resolution is to stop quitting so easily. I love basketball but at my practices its like I hate the sport. Now I am going to push harder to show that I love the sport. That is my New Year resolution.

Ja’Keryon Brown


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